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Chips (In Our Heads)


La la la la la la dee la

I am a friendly cyborg sent here from a future time
Not to kill my nemesis, just to sing this little rhyme
To reassure you not to fret or strive against your fate
There’s no need to change the future ‘cos it’s going to be great

And sing la dee la la la la dee dee la dee dee la dee
La la la in binary for the chorus sub-routine

Humans were confused, I hear, beset by stress and strains
Before they mastered how to put computers in their brains
Now you’ve no need to worry, you can sleep in your beds
‘Cos your descendants will be happy when they’ve chips in their heads

I’m sure you will appreciate our capability
I need no phone or tablet as they both are part of me
No need to strain to calculate the vectors in a vortex
You just download a maths app into your frontal cortex

So much of your present life is wasteful and insane
Ruled by random firings of unregulated brains
Whereas we are efficient in all we do and say
With algorithms guiding us through each and every day

I once heard tell of Butler who battled for a ban
On the making of machines that could think like a man
We can keep that commandment, ‘cos by tinkering with our heads
We’ve made men and women think just like machines instead

I’ve learned about the dark times when we used to disagree
All gone in our future of wi-fi telepathy
But don’t think we’re a hive-mind, that would really be a shame!
No, we’re all individuals who just happen to think the same

La la la la la la dee la

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