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a pool of song

Occasional writing and music by Pete Clark


The Well

A fantasy narrative poem, with illustrations by Victoria Clare


Circle Song

Inspired by the Orkney Neolithic stone circles and the theory that 5,000 years ago these and adjacent sites were the setting for a midwinter festival of the living and the dead.

Lament for the Shoppes

A song about all those shops that keep going out of business, based on William Dunbar’s ‘Lament for the Makers’.

Chips (In Our Heads)

A science fiction folk song by a cheerful cyborg who has come back in time to ‘reassure’ us about the future.

The Same Story

A fantasy “fan song” inspired by J R R Tolkien’s work, about the ongoing relevance of stories in general, and his ones in particular.

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This site is to occasionally make public some original writing and songs.

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